Facebook changes coming


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Most of you facebook users know that there was recently a few changes to facebook. The news feed was changed as well as how you see the newest updates from all of your friends. Usually we would get used to the new changes and then slowly more would become present. However this time we are going to get several changes all at once. Here is what you can expect in the next week or two. See mashable.com for an in depth description and helpful videos, but here is a brief synopsis:

1) A new time-line of everything you have ever done on facebook.
 This will allow y ou to use facebook as a scrapbook, seeing all the posts, pictures videos, and     everything else you have ever put on facebook.

2) The concept of “liking” something will change.
 You will now be able to use a verb and noun when showing your opinion on post.

3) An app you use will only ask you permission to publish/access things once.
This works so that when you give permission for the app to share things and access things on     your wall, it only asks once.

4) All the simple information will go to what is called the “ticker”.
The “ticker” is where newest news feed goes. All of the simple information like statuses, photo     uploads, and more will go to the “ticker”.

5) Now you will be able to watch movies, shows, listen to music, and read news with your friends.
New partnerships allowed new apps to be on facebook, apps like Hulu, Yahoo!, even Netflix.

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