Specialty Timberworks, LLC

Specialty Timberworks designs and builds custom post and beam frames for houses, barns, or other structures such as porches and pavilions. They are located in Bethel,Maine and have worked in many unique homes, barns, and businesses throughout Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Colorado, and Montana! Specialty Timberworks is owned by Chris Barstow who was trained and now teaches at the Fox Maple School in Brownfield, Maine.

Specialty Timberworks builds tiny houses to luxury estates with unique heavy timber structures and timber accents. Maine builders and Maine contractors can also work with Specialty Timberworks to provide timber-frame, CAD designs, and timber-frame kits.

Timber-framed construction is more resistant to fire damage than common stick framing and common post and beam. Solid wood is very stable at high temperatures and creates its own insulation upon contact with fire. As a result, heavy timber construction is given a two hour fire rating by the National Fire Protection Association(NFPA).

W.J. Wheeler Insurance Agency is proud to partner with an amazing Maine based timber-frame company like Specialty Timberworks!