Tourmaline Hill Farm

Tourmaline Hill Farm is located on 26 acres in Greenwood, Maine (Norway area). They breed and raise registered Nubian and Lamancha dairy goats, which are hand-picked for their ability to produce rich, buttery milk with a sweet flavor, which allows us to produce cheeses with a mild taste and smooth texture and consistency.

In their cheese production facility they produce small batches of hand crafted Chevre, Feta, Ricotta and Mozzarella cheeses.

All the herbs and flavorings added to the cheeses are organic and all-natural, and they use only non-GMO vegetarian microbial rennet.

In addition to the dairy herd, they have a medium-sized flock of chickens which provide farm fresh eggs. Also, they are often able to offer all natural grass-fed ground beef and pork as well. And for those with a taste for goat, meat is available by request, dependant on season – please call ahead!

They are fully licensed through the State of Maine Department of Agriculture for the sale of our cheeses and unpasteurized goat’s milk.

W.J. Wheeler Insurance Agency is excited to be partnered with Tourmaline Hill Farm of Greenwood, Maine!