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Community Concepts, Inc.

Since 1965, Community Concepts, Inc. has offered a variety of housing, economic development and social services for the communities of Androscoggin, Franklin and Oxford counties of Maine. These services support both the basic needs of low income families and promotes self-sufficiency. Click here for more on our History.

Our mission is to:

“Provide leadership, education and support to build thriving individuals, families and communities.”

Community Concepts Values Statement

As CCI Board members, staff and volunteers we commit to the following Values Statement. Each of the seven values represents a statement of what we believe in and practice. These values guide our interactions with each other, our work to further the CCI mission, our stewardship of agency and program resources and our collaborations and partnerships with other organizations and funders.

  1. Respect — We show respect by conducting ourselves in a way that acknowledges the esteem and regard we hold for each other.
  2. Communication — We expect communication to be an open exchange of ideas and knowledge to foster a shared understanding.
  3. Integrity — We act with integrity through consistency of action and being true to ourselves, trustworthy, ethical, honest, and responsible.
  4. Compassion — We demonstrate compassion by seeking greater understanding and by acting with empathy.
  5. Empowerment — We foster empowerment in individuals and communities by building on strengths to encourage growth and development.
  6. Resourcefulness — We demonstrate resourcefulness by being well informed and meeting situations as they arise in a creative and effective way.
  7. Diversity — We honor diversity through recognition and acceptance of the individuality of people.