Wheelers Insurance Agency: Featured Profile Of Pam Sessions, A Broker From Bearfoot Realty

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This month, Wheelers Agency has the pleasure of working with Pam Sessions, a broker from Bearfoot Realty. She is kindhearted, hardworking, and has given back to so many local businesses around us. You will see her around our community in the future – we are sure of it! So, below there is an interview we did with the one and only Pam Sessions. Thank you for everything you do, Pam!

What got you into real estate?

In September 2006 I was working in the banking world/Waitressing world, I wanted something in my life that would give me more personal growth and independence. At that time, I was in the process of buying a house, my Realtor offered me a position as his assistant. A short time later I realized I really wanted to get my license, in March of 2007, I received my Sales agent's license, I worked as a buyer’s agent for a year and then transitioned to helping both buyers & sellers. 14 years later, I currently hold a broker’s license, the dream is once my kids get a bit older, to have my own agency.

What is the most rewarding aspect of your job?

The smile on my client’s faces when they have successfully navigated a complex real estate transaction and their goals have been achieved. (My goodness, I got teary eyed typing that). The friendships I build along the way are simply amazing!


One of your most favorite memories/moments being a realtor? Something that solidified why you do what you do.

In 2013, I had a buyer call my office, I was on duty that day to take any leads that came into our office. I connected with a couple relocating from Oregon to Maine for a job transfer. They had limited time in Maine to see all the homes that fit their criteria. They would be up for only three days, the catch, the weekend they were up, was the weekend I was getting married!! I showed them 18 homes on a Saturday, 8am-7pm across my market area in rural Maine. On Sunday, I got married! On Monday, they wrote an offer on one of those homes, they bought it. We became close friends, and we still are to this day. We lived our two pregnancies together as friends, they have two girls, I have two boys. So, they're close friends too. They have since sold that house and purchased another home, all with me in the last eight years. (Again, teary eyed) This is my favorite story tell, as a realtor you just never know who will walk into your life.

Other interesting things about my business:

- I also spend many hours a week planning give-away and "giving back" to my community while supporting local businesses on my business fb page. My kids help me with this, it teaches them how to give back.
- I gift handmade gifts to my clients for closing gifts from local small businesses.
- Before the Covid19 pandemic, I use to offer Q&A sessions at local coffee shops. Hope to get back into this at a safer time!

One of the worse things to do in Real estate:

Relaying the news to a buyer/seller that they transaction isn't moving forward and we're not closing. Yes, this does happen, and can happen right up until closing day. As a realtor the saying is "it's not done, until all the papers are signed!”

Where you’re from:

I was born in Portland Maine, a Mainer all my life, and wouldn't have it any other way! I have an older sister and an older brother. Four nieces, one nephew.

Where you grew up:

New Gloucester, at age 13 we moved to Buckfield and that is where I graduated high school. I continued to get my associates degree in business at Central Maine Community college.

Interesting facts about you:

- I have a clothe bunny I have slept with since age two. I still sleep with it daily at age thirty-eight. When my mom was still alive, she would sew it back together. Now it’s a bit old and not looking so hot ☺
- I always wanted to be a party planner; my kids have had some fun birthday parties that I planned for them. ☺
- I have a WICKED sweet tooth !

Favorite Hobby:

- Online Shopping
- Cooking

Favorite Food:

Baked haddock, Greek Salad, and Chicken Parmigiano. Yum!


"Me time." I practice Yoga a couple times a week. I am becoming a yogi. I also enjoy Zumba and other exercise activities weekly.
Visiting the Ocean

Fav Movie:

- Titanic
- Woody the woodpecker

Fav TV Show:

I loved Full House as a kid, HGTV shows but honestly with a hopping real estate business, a 4- & 6-year-old, tv comes last.


We have one cat, Blair and two bunnies: Hoppers and Strawberry. The boys want fish again (mom, accidently killed the last two we had two years ago).

What your family does for fun to spend time together:

My husband and I have two boys: Ryan age six and Alex age four. They're very active, so we enjoy hiking, the beach, and lots of family time. We take a few vacations each year. One of their favorites is when we stay in a tiny red caboose in Lincoln NH and visit Whales Tale Water Park right next door. This year we're taking them to Great Wolf Lodge in April & A trip to Pennsylvania this summer. We'll probably do a camping trip too! I love the ocean, so I do try like crazy to get there often, even in the winter!