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You can check the average total cost for hundreds of common healthcare procedures at different facilities around the state. You can also see patient experience ratings and how Maine hospitals compare on patient safety.

Visit to learn more and to use the comparison tool.

The tool was developed by the Maine Health Data Organization (MHDO) and the Maine Quality Forum (MQF) and is maintained in partnership with Human Services Research Institute and NORC.
This website is for informational purposes only. MHDO has made every effort to provide accurate information. Cost estimates are based on typical payments and do not represent what you should expect to pay. Consult your provider and insurer to get a personalized estimate. Neither MHDO nor this website endorse any particular healthcare facility or physician in the State of Maine.

The Maine Health Data Organization (MHDO) is a state agency that collects health care data and makes those data available to researchers, policy makers, and the public while protecting individual privacy. The purpose of the organization is to create and maintain a useful, objective, reliable and comprehensive health information database that is used to improve the health of Maine citizens.

The Maine Quality Forum (MQF) is a state agency that is responsible for improving the patient experience of care (including quality and satisfaction); improving the health of populations; and reducing the per capita cost of health care.