Life isn’t always sunshine and rainbows. Aptly named, umbrella insurance keeps you covered when accidents and mishaps rain down on you.

Why do I need umbrella insurance if I already have liability insurance?

The coverage you receive with your standard personal liability insurance has limits. If you’re found legally responsible for injuring someone or damaging his or her property, you’ll wind up paying out of pocket for anything beyond the dollar limit of your homeowners, auto or watercraft policies. That’s where umbrella insurance comes in. While factors such as traffic tickets or your credit score can impact the cost of your umbrella insurance, that price is low compared to the benefit.

I have a $100,000 limit on my auto policy—do I need additional coverage?

Yes. A multi-car accident could easily result in a million-dollar litigation. Simply put: With just one accident, you could lose everything. Not only would umbrella insurance cover the excess amount when your liability insurance is exhausted, but it would cover your legal fees as well. In a world where people are quick to sue for almost any reason, it makes sense to carry extra protection.

How do I determine how much umbrella coverage I need?

Some people need more coverage than others. Do you have a swimming pool? Is there a teenage driver living with you? Do you run a business out of your home and have employees or clients at your residence regularly? Each of these factors is taken into account during a risk assessment that will help determine the additional coverage you need.

With umbrella insurance, you’re getting peace of mind. It’s unsettling to think that after working hard for your car, your house, your boat and all your other assets, you could lose it all in an instant with one lawsuit. If you live in Maine, contact your local experts at Wheelers Insurance Agency today to assess your risks and explore your options for umbrella insurance. Call 207.743.8927 or fill out the form on this page to talk to one of our agents about getting the peace of mind you deserve.