Center for an Ecology-Based Economy

In our current economy, we grow food far away and ship it here at great cost. We import expensive fuels for home heating and automobiles. We have housing that is often either old and inefficient or new and oversized. We rely almost exclusively on the fossil fuel based private-passenger vehicle for transportation.

What if we had a vibrant local economy that met our needs without relying on raw materials, food and energy sources from away? What if we could meet our own needs for food, shelter, energy and transportation?

The Center for an Ecology-Based Economy (CEBE), based in Norway, Maine, was created to engage the community in developing practical, ecological solutions to these ongoing needs.

Join the Center for an Ecology-Based Economy to realize the dream of healthy, sustainable communities and achieve greater resilience to climate and resource instability. Only by working together and celebrating our diversity and collective knowledge, will we realize our greatest potential as a community and thrive well into the future.

Our goal is to create resilient communities restoring the earth.