OHMPAA is a non-profit organization dedicated to the presentation of quality entertainment on a regular basis featuring the talents of local residents. As of January 1, 2009, OHMPAA became a program of Norway Maine Opera House Corporation which is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.


OHMPAA began staging productions at the Paris Hill Academy building in 1990 and at the Norway Grange in 2002. We are grateful to the Paris Hill Community Club and the Norway Grange members for allowing us unrestricted access to the facilities, providing the luxury of flexible rehearsal schedules, storage space, and time to build and nurture many spectacular sets. The availability adds immeasurably to the quality of a production. Thank you!

The Road to Eden’s Ridge
by Sally Jones and Steve Jones; based on the novel by M.L. Rose

November 9-18 at the Norway Grange

OHMPAA proudly presents the world premiere of an original, locally written musical play about the journey of a young woman who follows her heart to the bright lights and music of Nashville, Tennessee. In order to pursue her dreams of becoming a musician she leaves her home and loving family in the western foothills of Maine. While writing and performing in Nashville, along with her new friends, she finds out more about herself and her family’s past than she ever could have imagined. It is there that she finds herself back on the road to Eden’s Ridge.

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