Responsible Pet Care of Oxford Hills

Mission Statement

The mission of Responsible Pet Care of Oxford Hills is to improve the quality of life and promote the responsible way to treat all animals

Help Responsible Pet Care reach their goal and get the much needed new facility.

They need to raise $350,000 to get this new facility. Help make the lives of homeless animals better with a donation to their Building Fund. Send a check to:

Responsible Pet Care
P. O. Box 82
Norway, ME 04268
(Mark Building Fund on your Check)

or use PayPal on their Facebook page.

If you are unable to donate, remember that every new like on our Facebook page earns them $1 up to $500 through the month of December.

Our History

Responsible Pet Care is a no-kill, non-profit feline shelter and adoption center. It was established in 1997 by a small group of people who recognized the plight of unwanted cats in the Oxford Hills community.

This founding group pooled their money and purchased a very neglected piece of property on Route 118 in Norway, Maine that held two buildings. The best of the two buildings was cleaned, painted, and fitted with cages and equipment to house cats and kittens; and, the work of caring for abandoned, stray, and surrendered cats began.

This same work of caring for cats and finding new homes for them continues today in the same facility.

Little by little work is being done to improve the building and the living quarters for our cats. With donations from the community we are able to provide care to animals that would otherwise be left on their own on the streets and in the woods.

AND NOW THERE IS MORE. Responsible Pet Care is the holding place for stray dogs for several towns in Oxford County that have contracted with us.

More About RPC

Our shelter is equipped to care for 85 or more cats and kittens at any one time, and is always full to capacity.

We take in and adopt an average of 375 cats and kittens per year. All cats leave the shelter healthy, spayed/neutered, FeLV/FIV tested, vaccinated for rabies and distemper, and treated for internal and external parasites. This is all done at the expense of RPC.

As a true no-kill shelter we have a higher percentage of special needs cats than most other shelter. Some cats have been with us for years and we will continue to care for them until they are adopted or have reached their natural life-span.

When possible, we work with abuse victims and the homeless to provide temporary housing for their cats during their transitional period.

The funds needed to support RPC and to carry out our mission come from our thrift shop, fundraising events, donations from private individuals and grants.