Information Privacy and Security Notice

At Wheelers Insurance, we recognize that privacy is important. This policy applies to all of the services we offer, as well as those offered by our subsidiaries or affiliated companies, if any.

This notice describes how your private information may be used and disclosed and how you can access this information. Please review it carefully.
At Wheelers Insurance, we have always kept your private information secure and confidential.

We may use or disclose your private information for our normal agency operations.

  • One of our staff may enter your information into our computer system.
  • To process your payment
  • To submit your private information to an insurance company in order to receive a proposal for insurance or to issue a policy
  • To contact you (via mail or phone or email). If you are not home, we may leave private information on your answering machine or with the person who answers the telephone.
  • In an emergency, to discuss your insurance situation with a family member or another person responsible for your insurance.
  • Where required by law.
  • If this agency is sold, your information will become the property of the new owner.

Except as described above, this agency will not use or disclose your private information without your prior written authorization.

You may request in writing that we not use or disclose your private information as described above. We will let you know if we can fulfill your request.

You have the right to know of any uses or disclosures we make with your private information beyond the above normal uses.

You have the right to see and receive a copy your private information, with a few exceptions. Give us a written request regarding the information you want to see.

You have the right to receive a copy of this notice.

You will not be retaliated against for filing a complaint. However, before filing a complaint, or for more information or assistance regarding your private information, please contact our Privacy Officer, Michael Newsom at 207.744.9816.

This notice goes into effect as of September 20th, 2013.